FMike and John Delnero, owners of Delnero Furniture Company,  saw the need to create a sub division to teach the next generation  their craft. They hope to pass the knowledge and experience gained from the last three generations on to the fourth. Mike's son, Bobby Delnero and a friend, Justin Winters own a partnership of Fourth Generation Furniture. Under Mr. Delnero's watchful eye, they've made each piece seen on this website. 

Bobby Delnero - 4th Generation ApprenticeBobby Delnero
Beginning with cutting shapes on the band saw for his Dad, Bobby has been working in the shop since he was 6.  Just recently he’s started to turn wood knobs for projects on the lathe. He is 16 years old and hopes to increase his wood working skills so that one day, he may continue his father’s business.

Justin WintersJustin Winters - 4th Generation Apprentice
After graduating from high school, Justin came to the Delnero Company to work under Mr. Delnero as an apprentice. While his experience was limited to home projects and more along the lines of home improvement, Justin is learning fast and has had his hand in all the projects that Fourth Generation Furniture has made. Justin hopes to eventually support a family through wood crafting and continue passing the craft on to his future children.

Company Philosophy
This passing of the torch, so to speak, is the foundation of our company. We are the Fourth Generation to continue our father’s business and learn their craft... a craft that we hope will continue after we’re gone. We envision our children continuing to build quality hand crafted furniture and improve upon what we’ve made.

We also intend to pass on to future generations good business and family values, of which many are being lost. Values such as:

And with that, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that you've enjoyed it.

Fourth Generation Furniture

Justin and Bobby

Delnero generation 3: John and Mike
Delnero Furniture Generation 3: John and Mike

Delnero generations 1, 2 and 3
The history of Delnero Furniture goes back four generations to when Great Gramps handed down the wood tools that gave birth to a heritage of fine furniture.

Top Left:
 Uncle John and Poppy (Bob) Delnero.

Top Right:  Gramps (Floyd Gerrish) and Poppy Delnero.

Bottom Left:
 Poppy Delnero.
Bottom Right:
 Poppy Delnero.