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Handcrafted Built-in Cherry Custom Home Library Bookcases

Handcrafted Furniture by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Built for Dorcas ~Shortsville, New York

This home library featured custom made cherry wall to wall bookcase cabinetry, cupboards, files drawers, and a small computer desk. The library was designed jointly between Dorcas and Delnero Fine Furniture Co. In a meeting at Dorcas' home, she shared the many details in both design and functionality her new library needed. Pulling together all the required elements, she stated we had captured all that was needed to build her "dream library." In the nearly 50 years we have been in business, we have never worked for a nicer client!
The library bookcases in the back (right side here) were built with deeper bot­tom sections (sometimes called "Welsh Cabinet" sides) to add needed depth to the hang­ing file drawers. The book­cases to the left were kept narrow all the way to the floor, as this was the walk way into the library.
The corner where the two banks of cherry cases met featured 4 little cubby holes over 4 small drawers. Dorcas saw this detail in a maga­zine, and asked if it was possible to tastefully include it in her home library.We would enjoy the opportunity to work together with you to create your special room.
To the right side of this bank of book cases was a small computer desk. You can see the 6 little dove­tailed drawers that sit just above the desk surface. We built the cherry step stool as a gift, so Dorcas could reach the upper shelves of the bookcases.
Dorcus' husband Tom is an Accountant and they need­ed to incorporate hanging file drawers into the library cabinets. There were 7 large drawers with 3 spac­es per drawer for ample file storage. The drawers ran on heavy duty German roller-bearing drawer hard­ware.
The full length doors that cover the book shelves were built with real mul­lions. Most manufacturers use fake "grills" that cover over one large piece of glass.
Under the 2 windows in the library, we built custom storage window seats. Built with free floating raised panel fronts, common face stiles and base boards, combined with the match­ing cherry trim treat­ment around and above the windows, these window benches are seamless with the adjacent book cases.
A shot of the book shelves lined up in our wood shop. When clients come to see their cabinets (kitchen sets, mostly) they are amazed how much room they take up when they're not attached to each other. We often hear, "are you sure these are all going to fit into our kitchen!"
In the corner where the computer desk was to be, we needed to have elect­rical outlets. A shot of a metal box that will hold a duplex outlet and cover. We wire various cabinets and pieces of furniture for electric, phone, cable, com­puter, audio, and more.
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