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Solid Butternut Early American Coffee Table

Beautifully Hand Crafted Fine Furniture in Various Styles

The Delnero Family Furniture Co.

Built of solid planks of American Butternut, this early American styled coffee table measured 52" long x 28" wide x 21" high. We custom build each piece to any size, shape, configuration, or style de­sired. Gennady & Anna wanted a rustic Early A­merican table that would be handy for serving drinks and snakes while enter­taining. The table fea­tured 4 heavy hand turned col­umns. The base section was built of interlocked butternut planks, running perpen­dicular to the grain of the top.

We continue to turn all our round parts completely by hand in a wood lathe. Justin uses the table saw to remove as much material away from the columns before heading to the lathe.

With nothing but different shaped chisels in hand, Mike turns one of the butternut columns. For 4 gen­erations at Delnero Furniture, we have turned all our legs, pillars, columns, pedestals, bed posts, blanket rails, and knobs completely by hand.

Mike's dad Robert used to joke that it was easy to turn the first leg, but making the next 3 match it, now that's another story! We have no duplicating devices on any of our lathes, but rather, a steady hand and a good eye.
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