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Custom Made Northern White Knotty Pine Furniture

by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture

Custom Northern White Knotty Pine Furniture by Delnero Pine Furniture
Probably the most used furniture wood in American history. The Northern White Pine dominated the forests of New England, and the American Settlers wasted no time cutting them down to build pieces of furniture to fill their cabins.

The king of England passed a law calming every pine tree larger than 4 ft. in diameter was property of England, and it was against the law to use pine boards of this width. Well, being as rebellious as Americans are, they were the first trees to fall! Many a New England home has large wide planks used for flooring and wainscoting made out of what was called "King's Pine."

The earliest settlers were primarily farmers, with little furniture making skills. Early pieces were quite crude, but filled the family's needs. Later, after wealthier Colonist starting coming to America, there was a need for finer pieces. European craftsmen soon followed, creating fine piece out of many woods, including pine.

This Colonial Knotty Pine Gun Cabinet is an example of custom made Nothern White Knotty Pine furniture by Delnero Pine Furniture.

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