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Custom Made Reclaimed American Walnut Furniture

by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture

Custom Reclaimed American Walnut Furniture by Delnero Walnut Furniture
Walnut has always been considered one of the finest American hardwoods. Why then, do we find it was used in structures dating back near the time of the Revolution? It was such a chore to move and mill large trees into lumber in the very early days, farmers would drop large trees near the site a barn was to be erected. Teams of horses pulled the nearby logs to the worksite, where men with nothing more than an Adz & Broad Axe would chop and shape the logs into large beams.

175 year old Walnut was used to create this one of a kind wine cabinet. It's humbling to think that George Washington was alive while the tree that was used in this piece was growing.

This Reclaimed American Walnut Wine Cabinet is an example of custom made Walnut furniture by Delnero Walnut Furniture.

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