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Handmade Custom Beds

Handmade Custom Bedroom Furniture
by Delnero Custom Furniture, Fort Plain, New York

Delnero Bed System

Delnero's Bed System

We hand fit each side rail into its own post. We cut a dado along the entire length of the side rails that allow "full length" bolts ( made by us in our blacksmith shop) to run from foot to head board. The full length bolt is slid into a hole in the foot board (A.) then runs along the groove (B.) and through to the back side of the head board (C.) where there are threads that we place a washer and nut onto. It tightens to secure the head and foot boards more firmly than any bed you will ever find. The bed slats (D.) are built of solid wood with supports that go to the floor. The bed slats are also screwed into the support boards on the side rails.

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