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Solid Sapele Carriage House Doors

Sliding Carriage House Barn Doors by Delnero Furniture Co.

Building the Finest Wooden Items for Four Generations, Fort Plain, N.Y. USA

The Home Enrichment Company was commis­sioned to build a 6000 square foot Carriage House, which was to be outfitted with massive slid­ing carriage doors, opera­ble shutters, and interior passage doors. Delnero Furniture built every door and shutter out of SOLID planks of ribbon stripe Sapele wood. Most exterior doors manufactured today are built with thin layers of laments glued over inner cores made out of MDF and other man-made mate­rials. Building exterior doors out of SOLID woods is certainly a challenge, but if the time honored tech­niques of our forefathers are implemented, the fin­ished product is something to be admired for gener­ations.
The front and side sliding barn doors needed to be built large enough to allow antique automobiles to pass through them. These massive sliding doors meas­ured 108" high x 60" wide x 2 3/4" thick, and weighed over 350 pounds each. Each huge slider door was hung on rein­forced industrial barn door hardware. The gable shut­ters and bar room shutters were fully operational, and hung on traditional wrought iron pintles. The interior doors were hung with large strap hinges.
We traveled to Tewksbury Massachusetts to hand se­lect these thick planks of ribbon stripe sapele wood. We chose ribbon stripe Sapele for its excellent re­sistance to rot and insects, and used quarter sawn cut lumber to ensure the doors would not wrap or twist.
Justin and Bob glue togeth­er planks to become the barn sliding door's rails. It takes about 28 clamps to apply enough PSI to squish out the excess glue, and create a quality glue joint.
Because these sliding doors were so wide, we imbedded 1" x 1" x 1/4" thick steel angle iron sup­ports across the bottom stiles, to prevent them from bowing. These sorts of de­tails are hidden when the door is completely assem­bled, but ensure stability. Taking the time to go the extra mile separates the quality minded craftsman.
Bob belt sands the flat surfaces of the beadboard panels. We included a tongue and groove into the bead profile to make a much more stable finished panel.
Justin stands next to this giant sliding door. It towers well over 3 feet above his head, and out weighs him by nearly 200 pounds!
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