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Curly Maple Shaker Tall Case Grandfather Clocks

by Delnero Shaker Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture

Curly Maple Shaker Tall Case Clock (Grandfather Clock)
This Shaker Tall Case Clock or Grandfather Clock is a reproduction of Benjamin Young Sr's {1736-1818} "1809 Tall Clock" as shown in The Complete Book Of Shaker Furniture, by T.D. Riemen & J.M. Burks, pg. 163 "PL.94 Tall Clock".

It features solid brass German bell strike works. Faces are offered in silk screen on aluminum, or hand painted on wood.

The dimensions are 81" high, 20" wide, and 9 7/8" deep. This is an exceptionally beautiful shaker clock, reproduced with particular attention to authenticity of detail.

It is available in many hardwoods and pine. The grand father clock shown is in curly maple.

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