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Custom Made American Cherry Furniture

by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture

Custom American Cherry Furniture by Delnero Cherry Furniture
Furniture makers and have always revered cherry as the finest wood to build furniture out of. Craftsmen for centuries have enjoyed working this extremely stable, straight grained, uniform wood. It's hard enough to hold up to uses such as table tops, yet it's 3-4 times softer than woods like maple.

Though we work in over 27 different wood selections, cherry represents 60% of our total sales.

Turning American Cherry Furniture on a Lathe
Wood turners (such as ours, Bobby) find if you have a nice dry piece of cherry stock in the lathe, the chisel almost peals the wood off like you were turning something without grain, like plastic.

This Shaker Buffet Server is an example of custom made American Cherry furniture by Delnero Cherry Furniture.

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