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Custom Made Artistic Flame Cherry Furniture

by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture

Custom Artistic Flame Cherry Furniture by Delnero Cherry Furniture
Custom Made Flame Cherry Furniture by Delnero Cherry Furniture
Flame Cherry is available in both Heavy Flame (click on picture to the right) and Artistic grades (picture on left).

This has become one of our client's favorite wood selection, both for newer looking pieces, as well as those found in out Early Settler's line.

The darker colored lines in the grain are called gum by those in the lumber business, though they are not sticky like un-set pitch found in pine. They are actually caused by the cherry tree's ability to extract minerals from the soil. The finest cherry wood in the U.S. comes from Southern Appalachia, where the soil is poorer than that in the other regions where black cherry trees grow.

This Colonial TV Entertainment Center is an example of custom made Cherry furniture by Delnero Cherry Furniture.

More examples of furniture custom made from Artistic Flame Cherry can be seen in the links below:

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