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Custom Made American Chestnut Furniture

by Delnero Custom Furniture

Custom Made Handcrafted Furniture

Custom American Chestnut Furniture by Delnero Chestnut Furniture
In the 1920s they imported Chestnut trees from Asia and planted them along the streets of Long Island, N.Y. The Asian Chestnut trees carried spores that proved fatal to the American Chestnut tree. Within 5 years there wasn't a live Chestnut tree in N.Y.C. By the late 1930s the American Chestnut trees were gone.

The Chestnut tree made up close to 60% of all the trees in the eastern forests. It has been said that a squirrel could have traveled from Maine to Georgia, never touching the ground, jumping from Chestnut tree to Chestnut tree!

Not only was the Chestnut tree abundant, it grew faster and larger than any other American hardwood tree. Its lumber was similar to oak, but soft enough to drive a nail in it. It was strong, yet much lighter than oak. The wood had a natural oil in it, making it the best choice for frame stock in barns and homes, as the wood was resistant to rotting. It was used for many woodworking needs, including furniture.

Today, the only way to get Chestnut is to re-claim it out of hand hewn beams from old barns, and other wooden structures. We find chestnut one of our favorites in the building of our new "green" line of furniture.

This Antique Chestnut Chest with Hidden Compartment is an example of custom made Chestnut furniture by Delnero Chestnut Furniture.
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