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Custom Handcrafted Maple Desk / Sales Counter
& Shoe Display Racks

Stratford Shoes Inc. Yonkers, NY

Quality, Built to Order by Delnero Custom Furniture Company

Hand Crafted Furniture for the Entire Home, Office, or Business, built in Fort Plain, NY

Architect Chris Broda was commissioned to design and renovate the space in this Yonkers, N.Y. Shoe Company store. Delnero Fine furniture Co. bid on the wood working portion of this project, which consisted of a custom built 4 ft x 8 ft x 4 ft. U shaped display desk / sales counter, and 48 five ft. display rac framess. We landed the job and built the desk, display racks, and cases in 2007. The entire job was built by hand of solid maple wood.

The display desk / sales counter was designed in a U shape, and was finished on all sides. There was a raised counter on both sides and 2/3 of the front. There was a lower section in the front to conduct sales, which also had a glass display area. On the inside of the desk was writing and work surfaces on 3 sides, with various dove tailed drawers, cubby holes, and open shelves to aid the desk clerk in keeping everything organ­ized. The desk was completely wired for elec­tric, phone, and cable.

A shot of the desk with some of the shoe displays. There were 8 alcoves on each side of the store, each with 4 framed shelves per display.

Each custom made shelf was a 60" long frame, built to sit on a 7 degree angle, had a 3" front lip to hide the track lighting, had an adjustable heel stop to keep the shoes from falling and positioned properly, and had stainless steel per­forated bottom panels that sat in a 1/16" recessed groove in the frame. The bottom frames sat on a 12" high base. We designed finished cleat moldings for the shelf / frames to rest on.

A close-up of some fine shoes atop our solid maple wood framed shelves with stainless steel bottoms.

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